Providing urgent medical care to your patients

With instED, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your patients are cared for by highly trained paramedics. instED provides seamless communication and ensures you’ll receive all of the necessary medical documentation related to your patient’s care.

Partnering with providers to improve health outcomes with excellent results


With instED, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your patients are cared for by highly trained paramedics, in collaboration with our physicians. You will be kept informed and updated of the care they receive.

Patient satisfaction score based on how likely they are to recommend instED to family or friends.
Of instED visits help patients successfully avoid the Emergency Department and the hospital admissions that often follow.
In-home visits completed in 2023.

Innovative technology platform: instED Now

instED is supported by a comprehensive technology platform called instED Now. This platform uses leading technology and security protocols to provide a safe, secure and user-friendly way to request an instED visit.

In addition, the technology platform allows paramedics to actively engage in the care process and document all necessary information along the way. 

Don’t take our word for it.
See what providers are saying.

Robert D. MacArthur, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Commonwealth Care Alliance® 

“Partnering with instED has allowed our providers to offer instED’s innovative and compassionate urgent care services as an alternative to visiting an emergency department. Our members have appreciated the quality care that is now available in their homes, which has been instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is instED?

instED provides urgent medical care in the comfort of a patient’s home.

What can instED treat?

instED can treat nearly all nonemergency medical conditions that can be treated in an urgent care center or other health care facility. This includes a wide range of common to complex illnesses, injuries, chronic conditions and more.

Does instED follow up with providers after an instED visit?

Yes. instED is considered a complement to the care patients receive from their providers and fills the gap between primary care and emergency care. instED will keep you informed about the care your patient receives and follow up with appropriate medical documentation.

How do I request a visit for my patient?

It’s easy to request a visit from instED! Simply give us a call at 1-833-9-INSTED (1-833-946-7833) or use our online provider portal here.

How much does an instED visit cost?

This may be a covered benefit under your patiens’ current health plan. Check with your patients’ insurance provider if you aren’t sure of their coverage.